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Useful tips to treat eczema

Try to use as many organic products for your baby. This can include:

- Eating organic food
- Using organic skin care
- Using organic bath products
- Using eco-friendly washing powder
- Using organic towels
- Wearing organic baby clothes
- Wearing organic sleep wear

Wear the right sized clothes

Your baby is more comfortable when wearing the right sized clothes, which are not too big. If your babies clothing is too loose, when the baby moves the fabric will move about over their skin and any rough areas of eczema will catch on the skin causing irritation and discomfort.

Also if your babies clothes are too big it will create folds in the fabric, which will mean some areas will be hotter and itchier than others. The clothes should allow movement but are more comfortable if they are closer to the skin without being too tight.

For more information about eczema and dry conditions, please visit Eczema Society website

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