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Organic clothes can help eczema

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence, which says that babies who wear organic clothing helps eczema and sensitive skin.

Wearing organic cotton will make your child less itchy as it's cool and comfortable to wear as it allows the skin to breathe. The dyes and chemicals used in conventional cotton clothing can cause eczema or make it worse. Organic cotton can help babies and children who suffer from eczema as the organic cotton doesn't contain the finishing chemicals or pesticide residues found in conventional cotton.

As eczema cannot be cured and only controlled, wearing organic cotton clothing can be soothing for babies with eczema as the organic cotton is soft. Clothes made from conventional cotton are rough which can trigger eczema.

3 benefits for Green Nippers organic clothing for eczema sufferers:
- We only use soft, pure organic cotton which contains no nasty chemicals
- Our neck labels are also 100% organic so they won't irritate the babies skin
- We only use nickel-free poppers, which is not only good for babies suffering from eczema but for those who have nickel allergies too.

Wearing organic scratch mittens can help soothe the eczema as they're soft against your babies skin and can also prevent your baby scratching which causes the eczema to flare up. The eczema condition can be aggravated due to itching. We sell organic baby scratch mittens in 0-6 and 6-12 months in boy blue, rose and vanilla colours.

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