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Green tips

green-tips.jpgWelcome to Green Nippers 'Green Tips' ...

We have complied a list of Green Tips that we think you will find useful. If you would like to share any Green Tips with everyone please email us as customercareat-symbol.jpggreennippers.co.uk

- Turn out your lights! Save our environment and your electricity bill by turning any unneccessary lights/ lamps off when they are not needed to be

- Think about the climate and wash your clothes at a lower temperature of 30 degrees or less if possible

- Reuse envelopes, packaging or even wrapping paper whenever you can, this will certainly cut down the amount taken to landfills each year

- Share or swap toys and books! When your child has finished with their toy or book, get together with a group of friends and do a toy or book swap. This is will enable your child to try out new toys or books without going to the expense

- Have you every thought about re-using rainwater? Why not start today! Collect rain water in a water butt and resue the rainwater for watering your plants inside and outside your house

- Don't leave your electricals on standby. Switch them off at the mains to help save the environment and your electric bill. Did you know that leaving your appliances on standby uses just as much electricity as when they are turned on?

- Re-use your rubbish!! Most of your rubbish (flowers, grass cuttings, vegetable peelings, egg shells, paper, cardboard etc.) can be composted. Once it is composted it can be used as a natural fertiliser for your garden

- Washout and resue and old bottles or jars - you never know when they may come in handy!

- Help our landfills and avoid using plastic bags! Why don't you use our lovely Green Nippers organic cotton bag instead when you're shopping? Only £1.95!

- Walk or cycle to your nearest Green Nippers stockist, if you are lucky to have one near you. Alternatively you can shop from the comfort of your own home from our 'green hosted' website! With free UK delivery too!