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Why Organic?


Green Nippers strongly believe how and where their products are made. Green Nippers products are manufactured in a textile factory based in Istanbul in Turkey who ethically produce high quality organic products. Organic cotton production began in Turkey in the late 1980’s and Turkey remains one of the highest producers of organiccotton in the world.

The reason why Green Nippers products are made from 100% organic cotton is so they are not harmful to the environment or the baby/child wearing them. Organic fabrics are sustainable and are grown naturally. Conventional cotton accounts for one quarter of global pesticide use; with alarming environmental and social consequences. Each year there are 20,000 deaths in developing countries from poisoning by agricultural pesticides used on crops. It is much better for our carbon footprint to use organic cotton as organic cotton production emits around half the CO2 produced by conventional cotton production using modern methods.

Another reason why we chose to use organic cotton is because organic clothes are kinder to babies soft and pure skin especially those suffering from eczema. This is because there are no harmful chemicals or pesticides in the fabric; therefore there is nothing to irritate the babies skin.

10 benefits of Organic Cotton:

- Soft
- Durable
- Cool
- Comfortable
- Eczema friendly
- Sustainable
- Easy to care for
- Natural
- Chemical and pesticide free

- Environmentally friendly