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Eco Friendly Laundry


Green Nippers organic baby and children's clothes are easy to care for, and will still look as good as new after multiple washes. Organic cotton is far more durable and will stand twice as many washes than conventional cotton equivalents.

Green Nippers care label example:

tips to ensure a long and healthy product lifecycle for your organic cotton clothes:
1) Allow for shrinkage: Organic cotton will shrink up to 5% after the first wash, due to the fabric not containing the nasty finishing chemicals which are used in conventional cotton.
But do not worry, we have incorporated the shrinkage allowance into our sizing! Please refer to our
size guide

2) Wash your clothes inside out: this keep prevent the natural colours from fading
3) Use an eco friendly detergent. Bambino Mio and Baby Scents are both good baby washing powders, for all of the family washing
4) Alternatively there are detergent free
alternatives available, such as the Ecoegg
5) Think of the climate, wash at 30 degrees
6) If you have stubborn stains, use an
eco friendly stain remover
7) Don't tumble dry:
either line dry or use hang your clothes on an airer. Organic cotton is not treated with nasty chemicals to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat, so in high heat (such as a tumble dryer) it is possible for the organic cotton to shrink