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Childrens Meal Times

happy-childrens-meal-times.jpgTop tips for a happy meal time with childrens

1) Don't have the television on during meal times
2) Teach your kids good table manners
3) Keep the meals simple but healthy
4) Have the odd treat (such as a pizza)
5) Share the chores and make them fun routine! Take it in turns to set the table, clear the table etc.
6) Don't offer alternatives as your child will become fussy and you will end up wasting lots of food

For happy babies
We wouldn't want little babies to spoil their outfits during times so we have designed a range of baby bibs in 2 sizes (0-6 and 6-12 months) and 3 colours: vanilla, rose and boy blue. They have a handy velcro front fastening too, so that it's easier to put on and take off the bib!